Our research specialties link academic research to industrial needs and capabilities

  • Conducting scientific research projects, generating concepts and models
  • Classifying consumers, markets, design and technology trends
  • Identifying research tools, laboratories and target users
  • Analyzing functionality and aesthetic
  • Creating a powerful product strategy and optimizing the customers’ effectiveness

User experience

Scientific process

Laboratory and field trials

Experiments protocols and executions

Quantitative and qualitative assessments

User experience

Scientific processes

Regulation aspects

Laboratory and field trials

Experimental protocols and execution

Quantitative and qualitative assessments

Web surveys

In-depth interviews

Brainstorming sessions

Consumer focus groups

Culture and trend analysis

New pathways for innovation

Competitive product analysis

Business opportunities


Our ergonomics specialists employ an iterative human-centered design-based approach

  • Conducting empirical and experimental research thus, allowing our designs to expand beyond physical interaction analysis to user desires
  • Establishing safe, comfortable and error-free task, execution in complex multi-user situations in varied environmental settings
  • Focusing on breakthrough ergonomic designed products

Survey design

Hazard analysis

Contextual analysis

Task and link analysis

Human error predictions

Motion and time-motion analysis

Digital human modeling analysis (digital mannequins)

Anthropometrics, biomechanics and anatomy interface analysis

Compliance with ergonomic standards: Semi, ISO, ANSI, military and medical standards

User case design

Competitive evaluations

Benchmark assessments

Wireframe development

Storyboard development

Scenario or realistic situations

User interface evaluation and validation

User experience design

Functional and logic design

User interface graphic design

Visual language development

Implementation support

Expert review

Heuristic evaluation

Cognitive walkthrough

Paper and pencil testing

Remote usability testing

Low and high fidelity prototype development


Our innovative design methodology helps generate products that transform the industry

  • Emerging unique quantitative assessment tools and processes that enhance strategic decisions
  • Leveraging diverse experiences and multidisciplinary expertise to push the boundaries of innovationDeveloping crucial communication tools (sketches, models, data), thus speeding the design process
  • Emerging unique quantitative assessment tools and processes that enhance strategic decisions


Colors and materials

Usability and functionality

Product – systems interaction

Form development and styling

Product characterization and requirements

Industrial design, ergonomics and engineering synergy

Design for high and low volume production

Assembly line, production guidance and relevant industries

Supporting clinical trials

Mockups for field and laboratory tests

Compliance with regulatory requirements and standards

Supporting military trials

Mockups for field and laboratory tests

Compliance with military requirements and standards


Our engineers take pride in solving a complex problem by a simple and well-designed solution

  • Combining research guidelines, ergonomics and design with wide-ranging engineering solutions
  • Helping brainstorm innovative specifications that guide the development towards robust solutions
  • Executing, validating and generating the ergonomic design from a vision to production
  • Ensuring that designs can be fully manufactured with fewer pre-production iterations and higher overall quality
  • Striving to execute all  research and design development aspects, while preserving a viable production process

Technological research

Mechanical concepts

Complex CAD modeling on multiple platforms

Standard compatibility

Product configurations

Feasibility testing

Cost analysis

Production scale-up

Material selection

Tooling supervision

Design for serial production


Proof of concept prototype

High finish prototype

Small series production

Mass production

Small series production

Sheet metal fabrication

Plastic injection molding

Soft material manufacturing