“Over the last ten years, as V.P. and Director at Plasan Corp, I had the pleasure of working with Ranit Eldar and her ERGOTECH team on several worldwide military projects. In each project, we benefited from Ranit’s broad-mindedness and interdisciplinary capabilities. Ranit brought to her work a vast knowledge and experience in ergonomics, with a unique expertise in performing field and laboratory research, while expanding system design possibilities and applications. The creative work and talents of Ranit met our customers’ needs in addition to the users’ requirements thus, achieving remarkable solutions.”
Michal TsoranV.P. and Director, PLASAN
“We appreciate the combination of creativity and professionalism of ERGOTECH and Ranit Eldar. We have worked with them on several projects over the past few years.  Their designs were exactly as we imagined – clear, clean, continuous and focused on ergonomic and aesthetic elements. Ranit and the ERGOTECH team, you have helped us accomplish our business objectives and acquire strong innovative results.”
Assaf PreissAVP R&D, LUMENIS
“I had the opportunity to work with Ranit from the ergonomics phases through the industrial design implementation phase of several complex, multidisciplinary projects, involving multiple stakeholders.
Throughout all the Ergonomic Design Process, Ranit provided excellent experience, creativity and knowledge support, and worked tirelessly to resolve any concern resulting from the constrains and the designs prototypes.
No matter how contentious the issues became, she always maintained an upbeat, positive attitude, and was able to work collaboratively with my team to develop great solutions.”
Tamir DemriSystem Engineer, BIOSENSE WEBSTER
“I worked directly with Ranit Eldar of ERGOTECH for five years while I was a Senior Engineer Usability Leader at General Electric Healthcare. After interviewing many other consultants, I felt confident in meeting and subsequently working with Ranit and her team on an innovative project. Ranit provided us with end to end service– from our initial needs to mass production. She has a unique professional ability to combine ergonomic research with innovative design ideas and arrive at solutions tailored to optimize usability of complicated systems for all populations (design for all). GE’s customers were so pleased with the ERGOTECH designed products that we continued working with ERGOTECH on several other successful innovative ergonomic design solutions. It is no wonder Ranit along with GE won the ‘Excellence in Medical Device Design Award’ for the resultant products which have been exhibited in several countries. I will always be grateful for this extraordinary professional service and would recommend ERGOTECH to anyone requiring a customarized solution to an engineering problem involving ergonomics and human factors.”
Debbie ZelnikUsability Engineer Leader, G.E. HEALTHCARE
“I have worked with Ranit for many years on multiple projects and she is the first person who I turn to when we need assistance with ergonomics and human factors. Her deep understanding and desire to investigate and study the details of new challenges in this complex field always adds value to our products and our customers and users benefit from Ranit’s input every time they use one of our vehicles or products. Her professionalism and academic expertise is backed up by a very personable personality making her easy to work with, and the passion that she has for her profession is based on putting people first and wanting to improve their experience in everything that they do. I don’t hesitate to recommend involving Ranit in any product development or ergonomic study.”
Nir KahnDirector of Design, PLASAN
“I had the pleasure of working with Ranit on a number of complex projects related to ergonomics, biomechanics, interaction design and usability. Seldom have I come across such an all-around professional. Ranit is very intelligent and extremely quick to grasp, develop and implement ideas, improve on concepts from a multidisciplinary perspective and deliver on time and on budget.”
Oshri Even-ZoharDirector, MOTEK
“As a system engineer, I worked with Ranit very closely on a very complicated project as part of the development of Biosense-Webster’s next platform.
Ranit showed a very high level of professionalism, exhibited deep understanding of the medical devices world and the complex constraints related to the use of project and suggested several innovative concepts. It was a pleasure, both personally and professionally to work with her, and I highly recommend her for complex projects in the medical devices”.
Chen ZachProject Manager, BIOSENSE WEBSTER
“Ranit took on a big challenge of developing new international systems design for Biosense Webster (Johnson & Johnson), based on her vast experience in complex medical systems. One of her added value was the implementation of a complex ergonomics interfaces requirements and constrains to fresh, creative and professional designs solutions. I have known Ranit for few years, both in and out of a professional capacity and would be glad to recommend her for ergonomics researches and systems design based on her qualifications, experience and keen interest in systems and developing process.”
Moshe IngelUsability leader, PHILIPS. Former usability leader, BIOSENSE WEBSTER
“During my tenure at Plasan Industries as a business manager for personal protection systems, I had the opportunity to work closely with Ms. Ranit Eldar, the General Manager of ERGOTECH. ERGOTECH’s efforts focused on the development and production of ergonomic personal protection solutions tailored to meet our various customers’ needs in Israel and abroad.  Ranit truly understood the essence of each project. Her skills, experience and innovation significantly impacted many of our programs. In fact, in several cases, her contribution provided us with the technical edge over our competition. Ranit is a talented researcher and a very creative and innovative industrial designer. In addition to being an ergonomics expert, Ranit is a team player with very effective communication skills. Ranit’s professionalism and cooperative approach are beyond doubt. Working with Ranit and the ERGOTECH team was a truly a pleasure and I am pleased to provide my highest recommendation.”
Haim GuzDirector of Marketing, TAT. Former Personal Protection Manager, PLASAN
“I worked with Ranit while working at General Electric Healthcare (GE, NM division) and at Carestream Health. In GE, Ranit was hired as an industrial design, ergonomics and mechanical design subcontractor to support R&D projects of patient support during NM scanning/imaging (head rest, arms rest, feet rest and other support tools). Ranit is very versatile, highly professional in all areas, focusing on every detail. The result was a huge success, the quality of the products were beyond our expectations. She understood the customers’ needs and created excellent solutions. In Carestream, Ranit was hired as an ergonomic consultant for dental computed radiography x- ray scanners that we had developed. She immersed herself in the needed requirements and details and provided a professional solution which helped develop a better product more tailored to our customer’s needs. I highly and strongly recommend Ranit for ergonomics and design work. Success is guaranteed.”
Danny HausnerMech. R&D manager, FLEX. Former Mech. R&D Manager, CARESREAM HEALTHCARE & G.E. HEALTHCARE
“Ranit has provided high quality and well adopted solutions for our needs for a short term project.”
Ronen EliyahuSecurity Technology Manager, Security Division, BEN-GRUNION INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT
“I have worked with Ranit Eldar on an innovative project at Biosense Webster. Working with Ranit was an enrichment and professional experience.
Her ergonomic design expertise, vision and thorough work reflected in that project which attracted a lot of praise from management
Ranit is known for her fast understanding and interdisciplinary thinking and implementations, which in she shares her experience, perspective and inspiration.
Ranit has always been enjoyable and easy to work with. She is a proactive and collaborative problem solver but most importantly she builds a trust with the client. Ranit would be an asset to any organization.”
Ofir BlattSystem Engineer, BIOSENSE WEBSTER
“During my work as the R&D mechanical engineering manager at Lumenis, Dr. Ranit Eldar and the ERGOTECH team offered product development and ergonomic design solutions within an extremely short range of time. With a very strong attitude of teamwork, extraordinary fresh thinking and proven experience, Ranit helped us achieve our design goal, much beyond our expectations. She initiated a whole new level of professionalism and creativity via ergonomics and design work for our products in the surgical division. Partnering with Ranit and the ERGOTECH team was the smartest thing we could have done and I am excited to continue our collaboration.”
Shaul LeviDirector, SYL Innovation. Former R&D Mechanical Engineering Manager, LUMENIS
“I worked with Ranit on a project at GE Healthcare. She escorted the R&D through the whole design process and came up with outstanding designs solutions to meet our customers needs. She has a lot of knowledge as an ergonomic designer, and I found her to be very professional and extremely skilled.
Ranit is very cooperative, and it is a pleasure to work with her.”
Galia Givatiprogram manager, PHILIPS. Former program manager, BIOSENSE WEBSTER & G.E. HEALTHCARE
“Ranit is an industrial designer and ergonomics expert. I had the pleasure to work with her on Biosense Webster projects. She is a very pleasant person and very easy to work with.
Ranit brings new ideas, innovative methods and highlights many aspects of physical ergonomics applied in user interfaces and product design area, that I was not aware of. Ranit has the ability to learn a new fields within a very short time and become an expert in it.
I will strongly recommend on her as an industrial designer and ergonomics expert”.
Dr. Shaul RazSystem analyst and system engineer, BIOSENSE WEBSTER